Monday, 4 December 2006

Love in Action - I don't think so!

I just heard that the pastor of a church I once attended called the Wirral Christian Centre has slandered me in a book he wrote way back in the late 80's! The book called 'Love in Action' was written by Pastor Paul Epton of the Wirral Christian Centre.

I haven't decided yet what to do legally about this, I may let sleeping dogs lie I think. The man who wrote the book is a quite horrible and manipulative person who disgusted me with his ego maniac behaviour back when we were starting the Wirral Christian Centre. A quick web search shows that the man is still abusing people at his church in Birkenhead. I found several websites including this one about the Wirral Christian Centre.

On page 10 of the book Paul Epton calls me "an inveterate womanizer." He goes on to write, "He wasn't the most troublesome member of the church by any means, but he pestered the women constantly." Later on, on page 18 Epton describes me as "paying too much attention to women." To say I am shocked to see me described like this is an understatement. But to be honest I doubt any kind of cruelty by Pastor Paul Epton would surprise me, the man is a fraud and a manipulative empire builder. He was supposed to have a 5000 seater church by now, what ever happened to that "promise from God" I wonder?

The book is out of print these days and the publishers have long since closed down. A friend of mine sent me a PDF of the book, but I was also able to find a second hand copy for sale on I suspect this was a self-financed book by Epton, distributed in very small numbers to the faithful few many moons ago. Even so, I am extremely angry that the man who is supposed to be a Christian would write such a wicked and vile work of fiction presented as fact.

I'm glad I left the Wirral Christian Centre. being reminded that Paul Epton is still out there abusing his position of influence and trust makes me very very sad indeed.

You can read the book here.